“I have always been fixated on human beings; features, gender, expression, communication, language and identity.

The themes in my work generally revolve around these parts of my human experience and the best ways I am finding to portray them. In the themes I choose to explore, I am pushing the ordinary concept of portraiture and figure painting from “Oh! That’s a beautiful person” to “What’s this person’s story, why does he/she have that hairdo, why is this person wearing these clothes, what’s on their mind, what’s their influence?”

In a sense, I am tasking the viewers mind, making them ask and answer questions that create a dialogue between their own stories and that of the person in the work. People who are close to me always tell me how I am constantly finding connections to things that don’t seem connected but in fact are. I believe, no matter where we come from, our personal experiences permeate the walls of gender, race, religion and culture. I choose themes that are centered on these contact zones or links in experiences that we share and the issues surrounding them and I present them in a way that while standing in front of one of my pieces, you begin to see the similarities between you and the person on the wall and suddenly, you realize that even though that’s a stranger you are staring at, even though they have a different ethnicity, gender or religion from you, you have the same story.”

- Jacqueline Suowari
Paintings Installations
Now I wear myself Jacqueline Suowari, 2021
Body Language Jacqueline Suowari, 2018
Unchained Jacqueline Suowari, 2014